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Advantages To Forestry Mulching

3 Main Benefits of Forestry Mulching

1. Reduces Impact to Landscape

Traditional methods of land clearing make it difficult to selectively clear areas of the property. Mulching, on the other hand, can be done on a plant-by-plant basis. Each tree or shrub in question is mulched at its original spot, reducing the amount of heavy equipment that needs to be brought on-site and preserving the nearby plant life.

2. Prevents Erosion

Other land clearing services leave large swaths of bare dirt behind after work is completed. During wind and rainstorms, the dirt can wash away, creating an erosion issue on your land. By using forestry mulching to clear your land, you’ll reduce the risk of erosion significantly. The mulch keeps the soil in place while protecting the root systems of ground-cover plants and natural grasses. Over time, this helps keep your property’s drainage in good shape and preserves the health of the environment.

3. Long-Term Improvement to the Soil

If you’ve ever looked in a garden bed, you’ve probably noticed a layer of mulch spread on top of the soil. This helps slowly give the soil the nutrients it needs to help plants thrive. Forestry mulching accomplishes much the same effect. Once the shrub or tree is mulched, the nutrients from the wood slowly get deposited in the soil. After a while, this enriches the soil while also reducing the risk of mold and fungus damaging still-standing trees.

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Advantages of forestry mulching

By processing trees and other vegetation where they stand, mulching machines eliminate many of the steps involved in land clearing such as site prep, cutting/felling/hauling, and site cleanup. This also eliminates the need for multiple machines such as a bulldozer accompanied by some combination of excavators, tree shears, wood chippers or grinders, and hauling equipment. On simpler jobs only one mulching machine is required, reducing fuel requirements and emissions. Some mulching machines also have the ability to operate on steep slopes and in small or tight areas, in poor ground conditions, and in wet or snowy weather. Mulching machines are capable of clearing land of unwanted trees and brush with limited disturbance to soils or desirable vegetation.

Traditional land clearing methods often present an increased risk of erosion by pushing over trees, uprooting the stump and roots, and substantially disturbing soils. In contrast, mulching the vegetation leaves the soil structure intact. The mulched material can be left on the ground and will act as an erosion barrier while returning nutrients back into the soil through decomposition. Over time, grass will naturally grow through the mulch and can be maintained with mowing.

When it comes to clearing land and getting rid of overgrowth and damaged trees, there are many techniques to choose from. While traditional methods of cutting and hauling away all of the debris are effective, they do little to improve the environment on your property. Forestry mulching offers a more environmentally-friendly method of land clearing that can be used on almost every property regardless of size and development status. Our rubber tracked machines have very low ground pressure. This reduces compaction of the soil making it easier to start grass afterwards. Forestry Mulching leaves a nutrient rich layer of mulch to biodegrade into the soil, and a “park like” appearance at job completion.

Here are a few benefits of using mulching rather than relying solely on traditional land clearing methods.

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