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Demolition Contractors

Demolition Contracting & Salvage Service is a big part of what we do. With multiple pieces of heavy equipment and years experience we can get the job done fast and get it done safely. from an old house or barn that needs demolished to the concrete it sits on, we can take it out.

When natural disasters happen, we are there. You can trust that your needs and expectations are taken seriously. We are licensed and insured. Give us a call for free estimates

 Demolition Cost Calculator

What do demolition companies charge?

Most demolition companies charge between $500 and $45,000 per project or $2 to $17 per square foot. Where on that range you fall depends largely on the structure you want to tear down.

  • House: $5,000 - $45,000

  • Mobile Homes: $4,000 - $7,000

  • Garage: $3,000 - $9,000

  • Shed or barn: $1,000 - $6,000

  • Driveway: $1,500 - $15,000

  • Interior walls: $1,200 - $5,000

  • Deck: $500 - $2,000


What does a demolition company do?

Companies who work in the demolition business wreck and demolish structures safely and effectively. They're typically responsible for both the initial site preparation and cleanup of the materials and structure.

Demolition companies specialize in keeping the teardown process safe. Depending on the structure, they use explosive devices and heavy equipment to get the job done.


How does controlled demolition work?

Controlled demolition is the process of tearing down a building or other structure by using explosives. Place explosives in specific locations to minimize harm to property or humans during the collapse. Extensive expertise and preparation are required to get this right.


What questions should I ask a demolition company?

  • Do you use explosives or other equipment?

  • Do you have a business license and insurance?

  • Do you subcontract out any of your work?

  • What's your experience with projects like mine?

  • Can you give me references for previous clients?

  • What safety precautions will you take?

  • What is your safety record?

  • How do you plan on disposing of the waste?

  • How much time will you need to prepare the site?

  • What will your quoted estimate include?

  • Do you guarantee your work without any property damage?

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