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Metal shop buildings, metal barns shophomes and barndominiums are always needed. We can build about any size you need. We offer  a truss style metal building , the building sizes are in the description below.  These buildings come in a variety of sizes and heights from 20x20x10 all the way up to 40x80x12.  These buildings are designed for easy installation and are all manufactured with a 2:12 pitch roof that gives more head room, better roof drainage, and a better looking building. Every building is 100% steel frame.  Allow six to eight weeks for delivery after order date. Contact us for information


Color Chart
Color Chart 2

Discover the endless possibilities for your metal building with our diverse color chart. From classic neutrals to bold statement hues, our selection ensures your structure stands out. Interested in exploring these vibrant options up close? Fill in the "Contact Us" tab below, and we'll promptly mail you a hard copy of our metal color chart. Unleash your creativity and build with confidence at Hardcore Construction!

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Metal Building Construction

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